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The Dresden Restaurant – Los Feliz – Yelp

The Dresden Restaurant – Los Feliz – Yelp

Ollywood Dresden Enter dates to get started. Commit to it, go with it, and have one of the best nights out in LA. Live music and amazing drinks. We cant wait to go back. I encourage you to try both the lounge area and the restaurant, because based on what we could see, it was a different experience in both. That Thing You Do, 1996, featuring Tom Hanks, Liv Tyler and Tom Everett Scott. Reviews are most valuable when they are original and unbiased.

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IconicI would call this place a dive bar if it didn39t have the white tablecloths. Loading Unsubscribe from glorylove82. How does it work. The drink menu is exactly as what you imagine they39d drink in the late 6039s- Manhattan, Gin Ricky, cosmos39. We did the dinner and ride up to the Greek and it made for a much more enjoyable evening without having to fight for parking up the hill. I feel discriminated as we are Hispanic and the table that was offended with our enthusiasm were Caucasian. MoreThis place is still a gem.

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A nice garden and pool area to relax. Ollywood Dresden I feel discriminated as we are Hispanic and the table that was offended with our enthusiasm were Caucasian. 2013 GLK350 SUV from Mercedes-Benz of Encino. Very elegant, old style restaurant. Go here for the crowd, vibe, retro drinks and music. The service was very good. You will have an amazing and unforgettable experience if you come the nights that there is a live performance by Marty and Elayne which I believe they play 5 nights of the week Tuesday through Saturday after 9 pm. That couple, Marty and Elayne, still sings Cole Porter songs to those hipsters at the Dresden Room every night except Sunday, which is a supercool place to get a drink, relax and feel like youre in Rat Pack150era Vegas. Everything is wood paneled and they have vinyl booths to sit in.

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Filming location for everything from Mad Men to Swingers (note the shabby poster/tshirts for sale), the 70s dining room and dark parlour are everything you’d want in a neighborhood watering hole. Dont forget to thank the punk rock gods that circus-like holes in the wall like this still exist in Hollywood. Ollywood Dresden The Dresden is very a much a lounge — ideal for relaxing and listening to the live music. As a solo diner I had an incredible meal with 1st class service. Very top portion of finial is missing; harp is included.