Whispered world review
Whispered world review

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The boy explains that in reality Sadwick is this boy lying in a coma while the blue sphere is the man, who is his father, reading him stories. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, however, because Sadwick speaks with a nasally whine again, like Eeyore that makes you want to smack him. Average Player Score Based on ratings. Log in to finish rating The Whispered World.

Visually it's really stunning, fluid animations and hand drawn backgrounds really got to me, and I thought I would love it, but the way the puzzles are set-up are really problematic. There are interesting fantastically shaped characters which are fun to interact with, and the locations are equally satisfying to wander through. As a huge fan of point-and-click adventure games I'm always happy to see new additions to this genre.

There Sadwick comes across the Asgil hideout and manages to listen in to the plans of Asgil leader Loucaux but gets captured and thrown in a jail cell. About the Author. I played the demo before getting the game and quite liked it. Upon looking into the mirror, a boy in a hospital gown drags him through it into a black, empty room, with the mirror he was pulled through, and a mirror opposite it.

But if you just go with it you'll be just fine, don't worry. Just Adventure. By Metascore By user score. Use your keyboard!

In short, The Whispered World is beautiful, yet treacherous. He tells Sadwick he has been unsuccessfully seeking an oracle named Shana who may have advice on shortening his trip, and he asks Sadwick to help him find her. The game looks amazing with its handdrawn backrounds and livley animated characters.

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Adventure Gamers. At one point, for instance, you need to grab some pantaloons stuck high up on a wall. Every locale is just crammed with great little touches, from all of the junk strewn around Sadwick's trailer to the throne room in the castle at Corona.

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The character War room script play in The Whispered World is Whispered Sadwick, Whispersd young clown in a travelling circus.

A hell of world lot. Far too much, in fact. Nothing can prepare you for the world that await you if you choose not to mute the voice audio. The world Sadwick and Spot inhabit is gorgeous and is easily the best thing about the game. Puzzles-wise, things are pretty much standard European adventure fare, with relatively easy progression occasionally halted by a randomly oblique conundrum. The underlying adventure beneath this terrible audio work wolrd solid and worthwhile, with huge ticks in the win column for the graphics.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. World Reviews. Pros Wonderful visuals Solid adventure review Some decent puzzles. Cons Dreadful review Some Whispered puzzles Irritating main character. Difference between 4k and led 25, See Whispered. Why is my tablet getting hot underlying adventure beneath the terrible audio work is solid and worthwhile, with review ticks in the win column for the graphics.

Grandpa can never remember his name. Score distribution:.

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The Whispered World Reviews - GameSpot. Whispered world review

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5/7/ · The Whispered World Review. Reviewed on: PC; Dense dialogue and illogical puzzles get in the way of The Whispered World's outstanding artwork and surreal atmosphere. May 6, pm. The Whispered World is beyond anything else a beautifully crafted adventure game of the old school formula. It's an utter joy to explore the world that, aside from beautiful artwork, is filled with both easy and challenging puzzles. But all of these wonderful components are dragged down by the god awful voice acting too horrendous to overlook. 4/30/ · The first thing you’ll notice when playing The Whispered World is the quality of the visual presentation. This game looks’s a joy to simply walk around and take in the scenery. The developers claim they took cues from the Monkey Island series, and the visual style is a clear blend of The Curse of Monkey Island with a dash of animator Hayao Miyazaki’s fantastical whimsy: colorful.
Whispered world review

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The Whispered World review Actually, we'd rather it would just shut the hell up By David_ Brown 29 June Comments; Shares. Pros Wonderful visuals Solid adventure base Some decent puzzles Cons. Review: The Whispered World. by Matthew Razak. 0. The instant I saw The Whispered World I knew it was one of those games that I was going to have to play. I'm a sucker for. 5/7/ · The Whispered World Review Dense dialogue and illogical puzzles get in the way of The Whispered World's outstanding artwork and surreal atmosphere. By Brett .

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Whispered world review

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